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Benefits of using Jewpro FX

  • Better-Than-Bank Exchange Rates: JewproFX is able to provide better-than bank exchange rates than those offered by the high street banks. Where the high street banks often set their exchange rates in the morning, our traders call into the market floor and can save you up to 5% compared to the banks. By opening a FREE (takes 10 minutes) no obligation account you will have access to your dedicated JewproFX trader who will assist with your international payment.
  • Eliminate Risk Of Currency Fluctuation: Transferring money overseas requires you to be aware of currency fluctuations. Whether you are a business or private client, have peace of mind and reduce the risk of your international payment from increasing by reserving money at today’s exchange rates.
  • FSA Authorised And Regulated: Making sure your funds are safe and secure is key when sending large amounts of money overseas. The JewproFX service is operated in partnership with Smart Currency Exchange who are an FSA authorised and regulated payment service institution. All funds are held in segregated client accounts which are separate from any operating bank account.
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Jewpro FX - Customer Feedback

"Funds were delivered to Israel at an exceptional shekel exchange rate. Why oh why was I using the banks for all this time. A really professional, courteous and simple to use service. Thank you."— Mr Cohen, Diamond Importer
"I needed to transfer money to pay the balance on a property in Herzliya. The service was brilliant and the exchange rate offered beat the banks by approximately £8,000. The money I saved will fly me and my wife to and from Israel a fair few times."— Marc Cohen and Family

Security of funds at Jewpro FX

JewproFX is operated by Smart Currency Exchange. Smart is authorised by FSA and regulated by HM Revenue & Customs under the Payment Services Regulations 2009 (FRN 504509) for the provision of payment services. Smart have been trading in foreign exchange since 2004 and are registered with Customs and Excise (MLR 12198457).Company number is 5282305. All funds are held in secure, segregated client accounts which are separate from any operating bank accounts.

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What Jewpro FX can do for you

  1. International Money Transfers (Bank to Bank)
  2. Live Exchange Rate Quotes
  3. Dedicated Private and Corporate Client Dealers
  4. Large One-Off Transfers
  5. Regular Overseas Payments
  6. Forward Contracts

What Jewpro FX cannot do

  1. Cash Transfers
  2. Travel Money
  3. Speculative trading
  4. Travellers Cheques