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Choosing a Kosher Caterer

4 Tips for choosing and saving money on Kosher Catering

Written on 15/Nov/2011

Kosher Catering is needed for many big Simchas like Jewish weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, and "brit" ceremonies. For this purpose, the organizer of the event needs to contact with a kosher caterer – a person or a company that prepare and cook kosher food and kosher beverages.

If you are organize such event and you need kosher food, then you have to follow some important guidelines in order to find the right kosher caterer:

  1. Make sure you know what level of kosher food you want for the event you are organizing. There are many levels of kosher food, and some are more orthodox than others. So, you will need to ask the caterer what regular kosher level and if he can follow your orders.In the UK, kashrut (kosher) authorities include the London Beth Din, Kedassia, Sephardi Beth Din, Federation, Gateshead, Manchester Beth Din. Dont overspend on kashrut if you dont need to
  2. Look at the reviews on the caterer or catering company's site or on Jewpro. Look at the information there and see how professional it looks. Your event need to be as good as possible and messing with bad caterer is something that you really do not want to experience.
  3. When you found the caterer that you think he is the best for you and your needs, looks professional and knows how to deal with kosher food, call him and ask him about former services he had given, and what experience he have with a event like your's.
  4. Contact multiple Kosher Caterers to get multiple quotes for the catering. You can then negotiate to try and reduce the price. Using the Jewpro 'Contact All' listings tool in the Top Kosher Caterers category is useful for this and can save you time


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