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Kosher Restaurants in London

A brief look at some of Kosher Food outlets in London

Written on 16/Nov/2011


In a city as cosmopolitan as London, kosher restaurants are not hard to find.  In fact the opposite is true – choosing one out of the many kosher restaurants in London can be quite the task!  
Most kosher restaurants in London are situated in North-West London, where there is a large Jewish community, specifically in areas live Golders Green and Hendon.  Whether you are looking for kosher Indian food, Kosher Chinese food, or Kosher Israeli food, you are sure to find a restaurant with kosher food that will give your taste buds a treat.
Here are a few of the kosher restaurants that can be found in London:
Mattancherry is a kosher Indian restaurant in Golders Green.  The menu features the most popular Indian foods, but with great quality and excellent service.  For the food that it serves, Mattancherry is reasonaly priced, and well worth the visit.
Bevis Marks has frequently been named the best kosher restaurant in London, and is situated in the heart of the city, in the Square Mile.  The décor is stylish and the menu is varied, so there is something for everyone.  The view is impressive – it overlooks an 18th Century synagogue.  This is the perfect place for that special night out.
Papalina, situated in Edgware, is London's first kosher churrascaria and grill.  A churrascaria is a South American style rotisserie, originating from the fireside roasts of the gauchos in Southern Brazil.  Various types of meat are skewered and roasted over a charcoal grill.  Papalina serves a mouthwatering variety of meat, and the atmosphere is excellent.
Kaifeng is a kosher restaurant in Hendon that serves Chinese food.  It is an award winning restaurant that serves delicious Chinese food, and it is based on the history of the Jewish community in Kaifeng in China.
The three above are just a small sample of some of the best kosher restaurants in London.  

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