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What are Kosher Caterers

Our Kosher Catering expert looks at why and how to choose a Kosher Caterer

Written on 16/Nov/2011

Whether you are a Jewish person throwing a party and want Kosher food, or if you are non-Jewish but holding an event where there will be Jewish people in attendance, you are going to look to employ kosher caterers to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the food at your party.

Kosher is a term used to describe the food that adheres to the Jewish dietary laws, the word meaning fit or allowed to be eaten. A list of kosher foods and rules that determine whether food is kosher is based upon the book of Leviticus. Animals that chew the cud and have cloven hoofs are considered to be kosher – for this reason, pork, as an example is not a kosher food. Water-dwelling creatures are ritually clean if they have both fins and scales. These are a few examples of the things to take into account, however, there are more regulations as to what makes foods kosher. Therefore, it can be a great advantage to choose a catering company that is strictly kosher. Choosing kosher caterers means that you and your guests, both Jewish and Gentile, get to enjoy delicious food that conforms with everyone's values and lifestyle.

When choosing a kosher caterer, it is wise to do some research beforehand to make sure that the caterers adhere to kosher regulations properly. A few internet searches will enable you to do this. There are also Jewish directories featuring kosher caterers that are both reputable and high-quality. We of course recommend that you look at the Jewpro comparison of the Top Kosher Caterers.

You should not have to compromise on your price to find fantastic kosher caterers. In places live London especially, it is easy to find kosher caterers that can ensure your party is a success. One other way to find the best caterers is through word of mouth – it only usually takes a little bit of asking around to find a good recommendation.

There are various kosher catering bodies known as kashrut authorities which give assurance that kosher food is prepared to a level of strictness. All Jewpro listings have the option of stating which Kashrut Authority they adhere to. Examples include the Federation, Sephardi Beth Din, Gateshead Beth Din, Manchester Beth Din, Kedassia and the London Beth Din.

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