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Where to buy in Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph

A look at all existing and upcomming neighbourhoods in this booming area

Written on 16/Nov/2011

Ramat Shilo is the newest neighborhood of Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph. Easily placed at the entrance to RBS-Aleph, Ramat Shilo enjoys spectacular hillside sights, huge homes in all price ranges, and it is just a short walk away from the primary shopping mall of RBS-Aleph. Presently home to around 350 people, Ramat Shilo is known as a Chardal/Dati Leumi community that is certainly warm and inviting. Ramat Shilo is home to the Lev HaTorah Yeshiva, which plays a central role in community life. In addition, the community is home to several shuls, including Kehilat Ramat Shilo, often known as the Community Shul, two Chassidish shuls, Ohev Yisroel and Pilzner, and a Sefardi shul. Ramat Shilo offers the best of both worlds: a new community with affordable housing alternatives and also the full features of the established mall simply blocks away.

Based at the highest point in RBS-Aleph, the Dolev neighborhood has it all: Stunning sights, spectacular villas, superb shopping facilities as well as simple access to Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph's popular Matnas Community Center exactly where there's fun for the complete family. The Matnas gives a wide array of things to do including Ulpan, sports, and just after school programs. The famous Bnei Baytcha area features custom built villas on Ya’ale, an exclusive road of luxury houses.

The Sorek neighborhood is usually known as Mishkenot Yaakov, an ultra orthodox place. Sorek is renowned for the numerous Shuls and communities in its borders. Sorek is also home to the "Mercaz", the primary shopping center of Ramat Bet Shemesh Aleph. Here you will see grocery stores, bakeries, banks, restaurants, specialty shops and medical centers. The Sun Hills project on Shacham is the most recent addition to the Sorek spot. The main Shuls and communities on this neighborhood are Kehillot Yaakov, Shevet HaLevi, a Chassidish institution, and Bnei Yeshivot, which accommodates many families from abroad that are typically learning full time. One other popular neighborhood is Nachal Lachish, that hosts several Shuls and communities, one of these is Meam Loez, the earliest English speaking community for Sefardim. Ahavat Shalom is yet another community which is famous because of its exceptional learning program for the working man. Kishon leads from Sorek to Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet, a place largely populated by Chasiddim.

Probably the most well-established areas in RBS-Aleph may be the gorgeous Revivim neighborhood. Revivim is positioned one street away from the biggest park in RBS-Aleph on Nachal Ayalon. One more well-known and popular street is Nachal Luz, a spacious, tree lined thoroughfare with roomy semi detached cottages. Revivim is lucky to have the two newest projects in RBS-Alephlef, Palace Gardens and Diamond Heights. The area is mainly generally known as an extremely orthodox/chareidi area inhabited by many people “Chutznokim”, Revivim houses numerous Shuls such as: The Gra, Beis Tefilla, Pnei Shmuel, Chanichei, and recently Kol BaRama (located in the Palace Gardens neighborhood). These all give excellent component & full time learning programs. There's also a small and growing community of Chassidim nearby many of exactly who sign up for the Bialla & Chassidim shtieble.