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Planning your Simcha in Israel

Some suggestions at choosing a Israel Simcha Venues

Written on 16/Nov/2011


Considering how expensive it is to plan a kosher wedding, batmitzvah or barmitzvah in the UK, having the Simcha in Israel may be a more enjoyable and cheaper option.

The hot weather is always a good reason to get you on the plane.Imagine the excitement on the flight over to that simcha when cruising at 36,000 feet!!!

So once you get the whole family on board what will you expect when you get there?

Well outdoor venues are always good in the summer time and they often have a buffet style reception before the chupah for instant refreshment before the ceremony.

Also expect a Mediterranean style menu for your guests and have an alternative for foreign guests or just people on a special diet.

After looking at some venues you will notice that they also offer packages that include a Rabbi for your Jewish wedding which includes a ketubah of course and the hall will also have a list of musicians and singers on their list of recommended artists and performers.

This could even include a fire work display if you have it at night.

Ask them about accommodation for your guests from abroad and also about taxi and sherut companies who specialise in looking after visitors to Israel.

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