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The top 30 Jewish Websites

Jewpro reaches number 2 in the UK and there are some other shockers

by Spencer Shaw

Written on 27/Jan/2012

The Top 30 Jewish UK websites
The Top 30 Jewish UK websites

The British love an underdog, and so it would seem, do British Jews.

We at Jewpro wanted to know how we compared to the Big Boys so we went to (a website ranking agency) to find out exactly who were the big Jewish UK Websites.

...and the results were almost as surprising vegan chicken soup.


So, who is top?

On top is (no suprises there) website of the flag ship Jewish newspaper.

But, in lucky second place, is none other than

That’s right, burgeoning Jewpro, started on a kitchen table then incubated by the lovely people at TrainE-TraidE is now the number 2 Jewish UK website (and 11,656 in the UK and 283,203 in the world)

That puts us ahead of the ‘Big Boy’ Jewish websites like, United Synagogue, JDate, LJCC and the JCC. As founder of the site, I have to pinch myself.

I actually find the list a tad suprising as there are some huge charities with sites that has very low results such as JnfUK, Aish, and UJIA. 

Truth is, the UK Jewish scene is a fraction of the global scene which has beasts like the Jerusalem Post at which has position 3,756 in the world, a long way ahead of us.

They say content is king and marketing is the queen and Jewpro has some very exciting developments with a new discounts and voucher system coming online soon and spending £000s on coming top in search engines like Google for keywords such as Jewish Events etc. We are also looking to have the best and most comprehensive Jewish Directory system whereby you will come to Jewpro to find out real user reviews and get discounts from Jewish Wedding Bands to Flights to Israel.

So with some mazal and persistence, hopefully, we will continue to grow and challeng the even Bigger Boys. 

For the full list, go to



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