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Certified Organic Kosher le Pesach Chickens

Free range corn fed chickens now available from Friday 16th March

by Leon

Written on 14/Mar/2012

To all those who signed up to the support shechita campaign petition -
Good things come to those who wait

Great news for all petitioners and their families - Certified Organic
Kosher meat and poultry will be available very soon.

Please see for details, sign up to their newsletter
to stay fully informed and download an order form to place an order.


Organic certification of shechita is imminent.  The Organic certification
body is internationally-recognised, with offices in many countries
throughout the world.

Certified Organic Kosher le Pesach (free range, corn-fed) chickens will be
in shops on Friday 16th March. They are on a chametz-free, Pesach diet of
Organic corn.

Manchester Beth Din has supported the development of Organic Kosher Meat
and Poultry, since the project’s inception in 1990 and will supervise
production to the highest standards of kashrut.


Special Offer

For every petitioner who contributes here
y (however small their contribution), I will give you £3 of chicken produce.

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