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Five Secrets of Effective Weight Loss

How can you tell if the new weight loss programme will really work and you will stick to it long term?

by Jason Demant
Inner Game Weight Loss Coaching

Written on 14/Nov/2012 Contact the author on 07504 742606

Every week we hear about a new diet or weight loss solution. How can you tell if the new weight loss programme will really work and you will stick to it long term? You might lose weight in the short term, but in a year's time it might not just be back on, but also leave you feeling down heartened and a little fed up. There is no reason for that to happen. Here are five quick tips on what makes real long term weight loss possible.


1. Check that you are eating right. This means having correct amounts or protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins etc. Are you being asked to eat a good balanced diet? Any system that asks you to cut out any food group, such as carbohydrates or only eat protein may sound attractive but you are in effect abusing your body, denying it what it needs. Ask yourself if what the system asks you to do would be regarded as 'normal' eating by the average person. Is this how you would educate young children about how to eat healthily?

2. You will only lose weight if you can imagine yourself doing so! Ask yourself how life will be and look when you are lighter? What will be the changes? What will you gain and lose in the process? Are you excited to achieve your goal? I ask clients to simply rate on a scale of one to ten how motivated they are to reach their chosen goal. Anything less than a seven or eight indicates that they might not be motivated enough. In which case think about what your life goals really are? Perhaps you just need a smaller, more achievable goal for now?

3. Don't allow past experiences influence how you expect future results to turn out. So many people have tried so many diets and now feel disheartened. Remember fad diets have a 95% failure rate, so it's no surprise that after dieting for years you might conclude that past poor results will continue into your future. However, once you have really begun to overcome your real weight loss challenges, your success will come fast and you will feel energised and excited.

4. Changing your weight first requires changing your mind since weight reduction isn’t just about what you eat. It's about considering how you eat and why you eat as you do. I know many healthy eaters, who buy good food but don't listen to their bodies, often missing breakfast or comfort eating late at night. Our challenges often have little to do with the actual food we eat but rather how, when and why we eat. Today it is very common to eat when stressed, tired, on the run or not at all. When your body doesn’t know when good healthy food is coming, it may go into a panic mode and will actually store fat.

5. Losing weight is not about quick solutions but being honest about what's stopping you, in general, making good choices on a daily basis. Often losing weight can be hard since we are worried that we will feel deprived, that people might treat us differently or we simply don't believe that we can really lose those extra pounds. That's not about food but rather thinking like an overweight person. The key is to change our outlook and think about the great benefits a healthy weight will bring you. A fad diet, pure and simple, doesn't change you! It will not help you deal long term with what's really stopping you lose that weight. Often we only have a couple of challenges, which can be dealt with more easily than you might think. A couple of changes can make an enormous difference. Make those changes and making healthy choices simply becomes second nature and you can forget fad diets for good.

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