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Yeshiva Yad Halevi

A successful Jewish learning centre tucked away between two houses in the heart of Golders Green

Yad Halevi

Written on 19/Dec/2012 Contact the author on 07841 290 105


Tucked away between two unassuming houses in the heart of Golders Green, is a successful Jewish learning centre that has increasingly made a profound impact on many men.

Run by Rabbi Yosef Bamberger, it caters primarily for those newly interested in Judaism. It is run as a ‘traditional Yeshiva’  and particularly attracts people who have found the remoteness and pressure of large Yeshivas not suited to their needs.

The centre provides a learning programme for those wishing study full time or part-time and has acted as a catalyst for projects in Edgware, Borehamwood and more recently in JFS.

In addition to Rabbi Bamberger who gives the main learning class in Gemara (Talmud); he is assisted by a team of talented educators. The programme provides classes on Chumash (Bible), Rashi (Bible commentator), Mishnah (Oral law), Gemara, Halacha (Jewish law) and Mussar (self-development). There is also a women's programme which provides classes on Chumush, Rashi and the laws of Shabbat.

For more information, please contact Rabbi Bamberger on 07841 290 105 or email


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