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Six Signs of Comfort or Emotional Eating

(and what you can do about it)

by Jason Demant
Inner Game Weight Loss Coaching

Written on 6/Mar/2013 Contact the author on 07504 742606

Jason Demant
Jason Demant

Do you spend time and energy watching everything you eat? Are you disciplined about noshing during the day but let go in the evening or on Shabbat? 

Do you sometimes lapse or find it almost impossible to say no to that late night chocolate or energy boosting slice of cake at the shul kiddush?


Studies show that fad diets have an over 95% long term failure rate. Indeed despite the weight loss industry, which is worth hundreds of millions of pounds, we are only getting fatter. So why do we persist in calorie counting and the cycle of endlessly obsessing about what we eat? In fact research shows that fad diets actually make it harder to lose weight. Not only do you feel deprived but most importantly, you create an unhealthy relationship with food.


Wouldn't it be great to simply enjoy food guilt free and not worry about how many calories a plate of pasta 

has in it or eat that occasional slice of kugel and enjoy it?


In general, we often know what we should be eating. It's making it happen that is the real challenge. 

Sort out those challenges and eating in a balanced way will almost take care of itself. 

For most people the real challenges centre on their relationship with food.


How do you relate to food? Do you see food as simply tasty nutrition and sweet foods as occasional treats to be savoured 

or do you see food as a 'pick me up' or something to use to use when stressed?


So, are you a comfort eater? 

To decide whether you sometimes eat for comfort, just now without thinking too much, answer the following:

Do you often:

= eat more when you’re feeling stressed/ depressed/ anxious/ sad or bored?

= eat when you’re not hungry or when you’re full?

= reward yourself with food?

= feel you can only stop eating when you feel stuffed?

= use food to feel comforted, make you feel safe or feel that food is a friend?

= feel powerless or out of control around food?


If you answered yes to two or more questions, that might mean that at present you are often eating 'emotionally' 

rather than eating for nutrition and to satisfy simple physical hunger.


Don't worry, you are certainly not alone and certainly not unusual. Everyone from time to time eats for comfort and it's easier to kick this that you might think. A health relationship with food means less comfort or emotional eating. Cutting down comfort eating is much easier that you might think. You will change how you view certain foods, start feeling full up quicker and also kick that feeling of sometimes feeling out of control around sugary or sweet foods.

Jason Demant
Inner Game Life Coaching

07504 742606

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