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Maccabi GB Community Fun Run 26 May 2013

How far will you go to support Jewish causes?

by Maccabi GB

Written on 9/Apr/2013 Contact the author on 020 8457 2333


Maccabi GB’s 7th Community Fun Run is taking place on Sunday 26th May 2013 at Maccabi London Brady Sports Ground.  Since the first event in 2007 the Community Fun Run has grown significantly and is now the largest single Jewish sporting event held in the UK.  It is a unique way for Jewish people to come together and get active, regardless of age or ability, and raise much needed funds for charity.




The 10km race is for runners who like a challenge – last year over 250 people ran that race. It is the pinnacle endurance run at the event and requires stamina and determination. If you love your running, or want a challenge, this distance is for you. The key to long distance running is to build up your endurance. Make sure you alternate between ‘long runs’ (between three to six miles), ‘hard runs’ (involving uneven surfaces) and ‘quality runs’ (focusing on building your speed). Try to run at least four times a week if you can and always stretch your muscles before and after working out.


One runner who took on the 10km race at the 2012 event was 16-year-old Danny Bloom, “This time last year I was preparing for my exams and found running to be a good way of relaxing whilst staying active. I decided to put my efforts towards the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run when I wasn’t studying as it gave me a focus.” When asked about how he chose which charity to raise funds for he said, “I have a close connection with one of the charities, which made it the obvious choice. For me to raise money for such a great cause whilst doing something I love was great. The 10km was a challenge, but definitely worthwhile!”




With 6 weeks to go until the biggest sporting fundraiser in the Jewish calendar, we turn our attentions to the ‘middle distance race’ – the 5km – with tips on how to train and a look at one of last year’s participants.


What many runners enjoy about the 5km is that it is far enough to be a challenge, but short enough to not have to dedicate hours of training towards it. The 5km is an achievable distance for those who perhaps do not run regularly, but are fit enough to do so. That showed last year as over 570 participants chose that race. When training, the most important factor to consider is pacing yourself. It is important to ease into running as it can be very different from going to the gym or playing sports, otherwise injuries can occur. Start by switching the treadmill for the pavement. This small change will help your body adapt to uneven surfaces, which are a feature of the course at Maccabi London Brady. Begin by running around your block then, over the next 6 weeks, gradually extend your distance until you can comfortably do 5km by 26th May.


One runner who ran the 5km race at the 2012 event was 47-year-old Clive Fortes, “We decided to do the Community Fun Run last year to get the kids off the couch! And it worked! My whole family, including my wife and our three kids, all did the 5km distance. Our youngest, Alex, who was 8 at the time, loved it!  It was a brilliant way of getting some exercise whilst enjoying family time together.”


When asked about how he chose which charity to raise funds for he said, “A specific charity directly recruited us and we chose to make a charitable donation towards them. We’re glad they got us involved!”


For more information and to register, please visit or contact the Maccabi GB office on 020 8457 2333.

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