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Why Use An Animated Video For your Company?

by EngageRight

Written on 30/Oct/2013 Contact the author on 02071937009


The attention span of most web users is short.

It’s painfully short. Like a politician or goldfish.

This means that it is all the more critical to make a memorable impression in the shortest possible time.  Animated videos allow you to do just that.

Video animation is a great medium to capture the attention of your target audience and work to convert your viewers into buyers.

According to an Internet Retailer survey, people stay on a webpage with a video for two minutes longer than they stay on other web pages, giving you the chance to better engage with your potential customers.

In fact, research has shown that when there is choice of reading website text or watching a video,  80% of people will choose to watch a video.  It is more engaging, more entertaining, and, ultimately, more effective in reaching your audience.

So why should you use an animated video for your website?

Video animations appeal to the senses, making them a more enjoyable means of receiving information. Psychologists have found that people retain 58% more information from watching a presentation than from reading the same information.

Animated videos are short. This means that they get to the point straight away. A lot of important information can be shared through a short, creative, memorable animation.  While text may be able to fully detail lengthy explanations, only a video – has the ability to keep the attention of viewers for the brief period that it lasts.

Sometimes, words just won’t do.With animation, you can actually show what you mean, rather than just explain it. Just think – if a picture is worth a thousand words; imagine how many words a video is worth!

Videos can go viral. Whether you’re selling something, teaching a topic, or advertising for an event, videos have to potential and capability of reaching more people than a blog article or a press release.

In short, video animation is the future of online marketing and if you don’t engage your web visitors in an instant they will simply click the back button until they find a website that engages them in instant.

At EngageRight, we can help you choose the right approach to reach and engage your audience online. We start with a script and work to produce an animated video that that develop deeper, longer lasting connections with your customers or clients.

 Contact us today on 0207 193 7009 or visit our website

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