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Everyone wants love, sometimes that  search requires some extra assistance.

Welcome to The Jewish Singles Matchmaking Club, the premier Jewish Matchmaking service as featured on World Wide Jewish Israeli Radio.

The Jewish Matchmaking Club is and exclusive dedicated service where Jewish singles find their love match

There arrives a moment in every person's life when they are ready to settle down, get married and perhaps have chidren. For some it is easy, for others the search can become increasingly frustrating

Frequently people are drawn to the dating sites, where nobody is screened and anyone can lie about themselves often posting photos years old or worse.

With our service it is extremely difficult for any client to lie to us. As we offer such a highly bespoke service. Meeting clients in person, advising on dates and speaking often, that we can see and become aware easily if a client is lying. This dating service is nothing like the internet, where peple can claim to be sinlge whom are indeed married.

The Singles Matchmaking Club offers a precise professional and upscale and importantly confidential service.

Interested in membership with The Jewish Singles Matchmaking Club, simply contact us ,



To find out more please contact us.

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For Men and Women. All Ages.
Intended for all and the wider communities

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