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String Quartet

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The Giardino String Quartet specializes in Jewish wedding music, having the most extensive Jewish, Yiddish, Israeli, Klezmer repertoire available in the UK for string ensembles.

Our professional string quartet also performs as a String Trio, String Duo, Double String Quaret (4 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos). Other combinations including harps and soloists are also available.

You deal directly with a performing musician, not an agency. We give a very personalized service to each client. If there is a special musical request, we will find the music and make an arrangement for your special day.

The Chuppah
Music plays an important part in Jewish life, and no more so than when it comes to weddings.

The ceremony itself (known as the Chuppah) remains the part of the wedding where Jewish music features most strongly.

Many different tunes mark the entrance of the bride: the most popular include a choral song, Baruch Haba (which translates as: ‘blessed is he who comes’) and the instrumental piece Eshet Chayil (translated as ‘a woman of valour’).

Other religious music may be used, often sung by a choir or a Chazan (cantor).

The Giardino String Quartet specializes in providing music for a Jewish Wedding from the ceremony through to the reception and wedding party.

Our regular engagements are in St Petersburgh Place Synagogue, West London Synagogue, Central Synagogue and prestigious venues including Hilton Hotels, The Dorchester, The Grove, Grosvenor House and many more...

We have an extensive musical library with the largest collection of Jewish, Yiddish, Israeli and Klezmer music available in the UK for string ensembles.

Clients can choose from violin alone, violin and keyboard, string duos, trios and quartets to the double quartet (or more) to create that special atmosphere before, during and after the Chuppah.

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For Men and Women. All Ages.
Intended for all and the wider communities

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