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Clearing negative energies

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"Bli Ayin Hora"  "Kene'hora"

You hear these words a lot...
But what do they mean?
Is an Ayin Hora affecting you?

Are you aware that the Talmud says that 99% die of ayin hora?
Problems with health, livelihood, finding a match, and other forms of anguish and tribulations are often rooted in ayin hora. Once removed, numerous problems disappears.

Rabbi Avraham Lebel of Israel is an expert at removing ayin hora, human grievances,  bad energy, curses and other evil maladies. He has received the tradition from previous generations and has helped many people.

Rabbi Lebel receives urgent inquiries by telephone throughout the year. Please leave me a clear message to 020 8806 6370 and we will return your call.
The fee of £50 to remove an ayin hora from each name includes the return phone call,
the discussion with the client, and the ayin hora removal procedure.

Payment may be made by credit card.

price 50.00

How to Contact?

Please contact us on the details below

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For Men and Women. All Ages.

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2 reviews ( 5.0 out of 5 rating)

M.D.H  (4 reviews)
review rating of 5
Witnesses to real nissim
To R' Lobel,

Many thanks for all your help. Baruch Hashem we have been witnesses to real nissim, and as a result our life is changing. May you continue to help klal yisroel and go mechayil el chayil.

Bevirkas Kol Tuv,

M D H.

Abie  (4 reviews)
review rating of 5
amazing powers of healing
I was among the most fortunate to have made contact with rabbi Lobel.
Rabbi Lobel is truly gifted by Hashem and has amazing powers of healing. .
I live in london england,and Rabbi Lobel was in Israel .Even though we were living hundreds of miles apart, rabbi Lobels prayers helped me enormously just by giving him my first name and the name of my mother. .
I was suffering from years of depression and all the medical and psychological treatment i had did not help me at all. .
The first reading by rabbi Lobel amazingly lifted the blocks causing my depression and despair turned to hope and darkness to light. .
I still see rabbi Lobel when he visits London but continue to ask for his prayers when hes in Israel. .
Depending on the depths of the problems, some may not need more than one reading by rabbi Lobel .Others like me may need more than one reading. .
In any event Rabbi Lobel continues to make me stronger and stronger and anyone who needs to be healed from any problem should not hesitate to contact Rabbi Lobel. .
Rabbi Lobel has become not only a blessing in my life but also a dear friend to me. .
May his powers continue to be bestowed upon him and all his family from Hashem Amen. .
Abie London

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