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Wedding Cars

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The Genevieve Wedding Car Chauffeuring service started in 1986 and Andrew and Gail Hollis are celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.


Genevieve was the first car in the business and was originally the family car bought in 1974 when a customer gave up driving and gave Andrew the first option on buying the car which was used initially as family transport, then modified for racing and rallying before being returned back to her former glory to be used for weddings. Jeannette was bought and restored some twenty-one years later in 1995, when, with the wedding of his second daughter pending, it was “suggested” that a matching Jaguar be acquired for the occasion. Knowing of a car awaiting restoration by a friend Andrew enquired and subsequently bought and restored Jeanette and the matching Jaguars participated in their first official wedding in that year and so the wedding car chauffeuring service was born.


Emily was the next addition to the service and then Katy (a labour of love).


Beatrice a 1934 Humber Snipe 80 (favoured by Prime ministers and MP’s in its heyday) was found in an old house in London which had been occupied by squatters thus requiring the services of the local constabulary. A sharp eyed policeman saw the car effectively mothballed in the garage, enquired of it and subsequently bought the car from its owner. He in turn subsequently sold it to another car enthusiast from whom Andrew eventually bought it.


Further to the purchase of Emily a very large 1932 Morris Isis, a friend of the family bought an artists print of a Morris Isis” and framed it for Andrew. Upon being presented with the print Andrew identified the car as being Emily as the artist had included the number plate in the painting..

The artist has not been able to be traced, so if any body does know the painter who depicted a 1932 Morris Isis with cream bodywork and black wings and running gear within a tumbledown old barn, Andrew would be interested in learning more of the cars history.

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