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Griffin Therapy

Massage Therapy

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We offer the highest quality of structural and cranial osteopathic healthcare. We are professional and thorough, dedicated to helping you return to health as soon as possible. When visiting the clinic we will listen and examine you carefully and then explain our diagnosis and treatment plan.

So often we neglect ourselves because we're too busy with our daily lives.  How often have you promised to do something about your health "when I get a minute". 
When we neglect our health, stress, believed to be the cause of 75% of all illnesses, builds up in our bodies and reveals itself in many different ways such as: tired aching muscles; recurrent infections; insomnia and poor digestive health.
You've come to the right place to help you improve your health and wellbeing.  Whether you are just looking for a relaxing treat or need help in dealing with a specific issue, Griffin Therapies, offer a range of holisitic therapies that can help you.
• Ear Candling
• Indian Head Massage
• Massage
• Reflexology
• Reiki
If you are unsure which treatment will help you, please contact me for a chat.

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For Men and Women. All Ages.
Intended for all and the wider communities

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