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Welcome to Jewpro. We are the UK's largest Jewish events website and second largest Jewish site



  • Jewish Events calendar including social, cultural, educational, religious and social action events; and
  • Jewish Classifieds, including kosher flatshares, kosher holidays and trips, jewish jobs, buy and sell items, kosher discounts and a wide range of services
  • Discount Vouchers such as kosher restaurant discounts, kosher catering discounts, jewish wedding bands discounts, , including business services, handymen, training, entertainment, jewish community listings and resources
  • Jewish Directory such as kosher restaurants, kosher caterers, simcha bands,business services, handymen, training, entertainment, jewish community listings and resources
  • Receive weekly email newsletters containing a round-up of Jewish events, Jewish classified, Discounts and Jewish News
  • Find out what is recommended by others in the Jewish community


  • We will help you grab the eyes of 1000s of Jewish People
  • We will help make your events popular
  • We will give your business 'Social Proof' that you offer effective and quality service
  • We help get you noticed


Established in March 2006 for the UK market as a Jewish Grassroots hobby website. Since June 2010, has been part of the TrainE-TraidE Jewish business hub and been a full time operation.


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Our vision

We aim to develop a caring, close nit online global community for Jewish people. We want to have the UK's most comprehensive Jewish events calendar, classifieds and discounts directory of businesses and other services so that Jewish People can spend their time and money wisely.

Our mission

To create a fully comprehensive events calendar, classifieds and discounts directory for Jewish people.

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