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Top 10 Reasons to Advertise with us

  1. Cost effective compared to competition

  2. Easily target Jewish Professionals, and Young Jewish Professionals in London

  3. Use our reviews and ratings to give you 'social proof' for your service, organisation, event etc

  4. Reach 15,000 people via newsletters or email blasts

  5. Great, positive testimonials

  6. See which real logged in people have looked at your listing and send them an update message

  7. Get free publicity from our FREE tools

  8. Be associated with the Jewpro brand

  9. 10,000s of web views per month - see site statistics

  10. Boost your search engine ratings. Many of our listings come very high on the first page of major search engines

What Jewpro Can do For You?

  • Grab the eyes of 1000s of Jewish People
  • Appear on our newsletters and email blasts to our database
  • Advanced Analytics for your listing. Contact all the people who have viewed your listing
  • Be included in our discount page and grow your marketing database with contact data from our coupons
  • Be associated with Jewpro, a champion for the Jewish Community

Who uses and looks at Jewpro?

  • 15,000 subscribers who are sent email newsletters.
  • 8,000 users a month on the website and around 35,000 page views - see our Google Analytics for January 2012.
  • Google Rank of page 3. Our content and links are authoritative
  • 97% are Jewish and live in London.
  • 2/3 of users are traditional or secular and 1/3 are orthodox.
  • The most common age range is 20s and 30s.

What are the most popular pages?

  • Individual Listings Combined 28%
  • Latest Events Page 22%
  • Homepage 20%
  • Directory Pages 10%
  • Latest Classifieds 10%
  • Individual Articles Combined 6%
  • Discounts page 3%

The Top 30 UK Jewish Websites

Jewpro is ranked no 2. of top UK jewish websites according to

(Taken Jan 2012)

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Alexa Ranking (World)






































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How Jewpro Grows

  • Founded 2006 and growing strong
  • Grown through Word Of Mouth
  • Our flyers are seen across London
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  • People talk about our Discount Vouchers
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  • People and Search engines see your Jewpro Social Media icons
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"I must say I'm impressed Ė the website is informative, user-friendly and well designed. As an Jew, an Israeli citizen and a colleague Ė I do admire your work, guys. ." Daniel, ELAL

"As a performer within the Jewish community, Jewpro is an incredible resource for me to advertise events as well as a place to network with other musicians, sell my records and find new projects to get involved with." Delia Bueno de Mesquita, Performer

"Having posted many of our events on Jewpro, I am pleased to say that they have always appeared promptlyÖ a vital component of our PR campaign." David Lee, NWJS

"As an events organiser for a local charity I often had to help publicise our events to the local community. As such, we found Jewpro invaluable, as it enabled us to get promote our event to more local Jews quicker and more easily than would have otherwise been possible." Anthony Sharot, Promoter

"Jewpro is a fabulous online portal for Jewish events across London and what's more it's free." Richard Lipman, CEO

"We have definitely found that people have attended our events after seeing the listing on Jewpro. When people book for our events through our offices we always ask where they heard about the event from." Dina Wosner, Jewish Museum

"Jewish Blind & Disabled would like to thank Jewpro for adding event listings free of charge to the website. It is a great facility which targets the wider community and helps us to publicise our forthcoming events effectively." Gemma Brown, JBD

"We advertised a flat share on jewpro and we had a number of sensible responses, with people who were genuinely looking for the kind of accommodation we were offering. In the end, we found a sharer through Jewpro. When the current sharer leaves, we will definitely use Jewpro again." Sara Levene

"Jewpro has been a fantastic way for us to reach a much broader audience. Time and again people tell that they've come to our events because they've seen us on Jewpro." Rabbi Daniel Glass,JLE W. Hampstead

"I have had a number of listings included by Jewpro and have been very satisfied with the help and advice I have received to optimise my listing. I wish them every success in the future and may they grow from strength to strength. " Eddie Levin, Kabbalistic and Eastern Meditation, M H SYNAGOGUE

"Jewpro has been a tremendous asset for Aish UK and a pleasure to work with. It has an impressive reach into Londonís Jewish Young Professional Community. " Rabbi Joel Padowitz, MBA (Hons.),Aish UK

"Jewpro gives us an outlet to publicise events and raise our profile. " Aviva Morris,Emunah

"We have been using Jewpro to promote our programming and events for Jewish young professionals since the summer of 2006. Jewpro continues to grow in professionalism and impact and has become an essential part of our marketing strategy." Rabbi Rashi Simon, Kesher

"We have used Jewpro with its diverse Jewish database as an effective tool to advertise our organisation and the ongoing programmes and events we hold within the community." Chabad of Hendon

"Found the service very useful and easy to use. Reaches a large number of people within the community. Worked as an effective tool in helping us to publicise our event more efficiently." Meir Panim

"We have used Jewpro on a number of occasions to maximize exposure for our events. Undoubtedly it has helped us attract participants from a cross spectrum of the Jewish community. I can therefore recommend the effectiveness of Jewpro and may it continue to expand." Rabbi C. Silverman, JLE Golders Green

"advertising on Jewpro has brought the biggest response ever. More than any other european website or newspaper!! It is the number 1 way of sharing an event! You have a great site which is affordable, reliable and reaches all types of Jews. Keep it up :)" Esther Zamoire, SEED Belgium

"JewPro does exactly what it says on the tin - reaching young Jewish professionals in the most cost effective and productive way possible; well done for the amazing initiative and for being so forthcoming." Eli Copperman, BendigamosLondon

"TrainE-TraidE had a great response from Jewpro to promote key events for small and growing businesses. Jewpro saved us £100s on paper advertising. We are pleased to continue to use Jewpro." Shraga Zaltsman, TrainE-TraidE London

"Jewpro has been a great help in publicising my companyís events. Itís very quick and easy to use, and reaches exactly the right audience. Iíve been using it regularly for a year and a half and will continue to do so - I think itís a great service. " Vera Litvin,LJCC

" I advertised a tax planning seminar on Jewpro. We had quite a few responses. More than expected. " ARNOLD AARON

"We have only recently started to use Jewpro and so far we have been very impressed. As a Fundraiser and Campaigns Organiser it is vital that we connect with people from all walks of life and Jewpro has enabled us to reach out to a completely new audience. I can thoroughly recommend them ." Michelle Amery, JNF UK

"It has been an easy and pleasurable experience dealing with you at Jewpro and i'll pass it on to all my contacts ." Angela, The Archers