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Allow Kosher & Halal Organic Meat Labels

"We want the Soil Association to allow Kosher and Halal animals that are organically reared to be labelled Organic"

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned that the Soil Association’s insistence on stunning animals before slaughter does not allow traditional religious methods of slaughter, such as Kosher and Halal, to receive organic certification.

We, the undersigned, believe that despite a difference of opinion on how an animal should die, we could all agree on how an animal should live. Therefore, we urge the Soil Association to adapt a label specifically for non-stunned Halal and Kosher poultry and meat that accredits those animals raised in the same humane and organic environment as any other organic animal, and slaughtered via the traditional method of severing the neck.

This ‘organically reared’ designation would give religious consumers the essential opportunity to conscientiously choose a trusted organic product in keeping with their ancient faith convictions. It would widen the organic market into new neighbourhoods and communities, and it would simply increase the demand for healthier animals raised sustainably.

We urge the Soil Association to immediately accept the open invitation of Jewish and Muslim faith leaders in convening a working group towards the creation of an ‘organically reared’ designation, that honours traditional beliefs in the framework of sustainable ethics.

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